On the Couch with Geraldine 'Gypsy' Ramble

Topshop bomber jacketGiven the look on her face, one could easily be fooled into thinking that the mannequin megastar sitting opposite me has nothing between her ears. Not so. From car chases with drug dealers to surviving the 2016 Aldgate Floods, what better ambassador could there be for saving the world one garment at a time?

Asked as to her greatest achievement to date, 
Gypsy would undoubtedly reply ‘my five beautiful children’ if she actually had kids. No matter, there’s still time, and there’s always adoption of course. She instead speaks of overcoming her addiction to hair ties – a battle she undertook in private for many years, and of which even her closest fans are unaware.
A glance into Gypsy’s walk-in robe reveals a style that can only be described as ‘classic with a touch of boho vintage surfer bordering on eclectic with an urbane edge and chic, sassy, sophisticated overtones.’ This is a woman who knows exactly the image she wishes to portray.
‘Pre-owned clothes speak to me from the rack,’ she insists. ‘Like… I feel the fact they’ve been chosen, worn and loved before gives them personality and purpose. Like owning a cat, er, except for the purpose bit.’ And who are we to argue with that rationale for garment choice, given that the clothing and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world?

Today GTopshop bomber jacket embroidery fabricypsy is wearing a Topshop polyester bomber (white with blue embroidery) [$25] and 80% cotton denim cap (size: one size) [$6]. When asked about her favourite window-modelled item she fondly recalls these Caroline Ingham Rhodes vintage woven fabric boots with matching belt, worn in Episode 4 of Gypsy’s Adventures (Facebook 2016). ‘I have held onto them even though they are too small for me, but it is finally time to let them go,’ she says. [Boots size 7½ + belt $45.]

Tapestry women's bootsOn ageing, the secret to Gypsy’s almost flawless complexion (she attributes her few imperfections to being donged on pieces of furniture and car doors during various Facebook adventures 2016-2018) is her 51 glasses of hydrogen water a day combined with meditation. ‘I’ve never had trouble zoning out,’ she says. ‘And I’m soooo lucky to be able to get away with wearing just a lick of gloss.’

Currently immersed in a diversity of projects including planning a wedding to her ‘soul-mate’ and ‘rock,’ Dave, Gypsy sums up her current life as ‘truly blessed.’ I don’t think we’ve heard the last from this environmental crusader.

Meanwhile, head over to Gypsy's favourite store and find your next treasure.

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