Expanding My Stay-At-Home Wardrobe

If you are going to be stuck at home, you may as well be comfy. The other week I was appalled to discover that I didn’t have a single ‘comfy sweater’, so I took a quick trip to my local op shop to grab some items before settling into my life of relative isolation. (I say ‘relative’ because there are 4 boys in my house and it actually doesn’t feel very isolated at all.)

So what came in and what got ditched from the wardrobe?

I bought this Russell Athletic lime green jumper (love a bit of green – it will make me productive while I am working at home), a beaut little loud pink and white stretchy skirt with elastic waist to wear with black leggings and black lace up no-heel boots for a sort of ‘dressed-up-but-not-really’ look for video meetings, and a warm chequered zip-up jacket.


I’ve been searching for some new outdoor boots since my beloved Merrells (bought almost new from an op shop, ridiculously cheap, 5 years ago) mysteriously disappeared. (Friends – if you have found a pair of khaki walking boots floating around your car, they’re mine and I miss them! I have left them somewhere dumb.) I didn’t find any replacement boots in my quick shopping trip (that would have been too amazing), but I did pick up these Brooks Ghost 7 running shoes which fit me perfectly, look barely worn and will do the job for now. (The tennis racquet is just for looks – COVID-19 stamped out the last few weeks of the tennis season.)

I cleared out a pile of LBDs that don’t really fit me anymore.  And I’m trying to stay away from black.  A bit.  I gave them to my younger and more shapely sister, although I have been trying to steer her away from black too, so perhaps she’ll pass them on?  That’s what this recycling fashion ferris wheel is about, after all. Remember to check out your next treasure finds in our store

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  • Da Loop on

    That would be my sister!

  • Kerryn Pearsons on

    There is nothing wrong with black!

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