Feeling lazy?

January is holiday time! Well, a few crazy people decide it's a good time to do things around the house, like catching up on painting, gardening and other energy-sapping projects. But the rest of us know January is the time to LAZE AROUND and restore our energy ready for the year ahead.

Actually, here at Da Loop, we're already out of holiday mode - we are very busy sourcing, preparing and uploading fabulous new stock for our website. But that's what we're willing to do, just so you have an energy-sapping-free activity to do while lazing on your couch. (That's shopping, just in case you didn't get the reference.)


Da Loop's mannequins are still in holiday mode, though, and we've snapped a few pics of what they've been getting up to. Gypsy decided a hit of tennis might be fun ... but given she is always lazy, not just in January, she played the entire game sitting down. She's wearing Glamorous brand skirt, with fun banana print (brand new with tags), and Sportsgirl embroidered top.

banana printembroidery  
playing pool

"How about a game of pool, Gypsy?" Traeger sounded so enthusiastic, but Gypsy was worn out from sitting on the tennis court. fabricHowever, when she saw that drinks were included, she gave it a shot. It was hard to pot any balls while sitting down, but she really couldn't be bothered standing up. Gypsy wears vintage David Jones dress and Manzoni leather crossbody bag. Traeger wears vintage Roger David waistcoat.

in bed

Traeger potted so many balls and so many beers that he had to spend the rest of the day in bed, wearing his Batik Enny satin bedcoatfeeding chooks"Want to join me?" asked Traeger, hopefully. "Don't be ridiculous," said Gypsy, "the chooks need feeding." For chook-feeding duties, Gypsy wears Orientique sleeveless dress



And if there's one way Gypsy really loves to wind down in the holidays, it's to share a gin with friends. Traeger joined in too, but he had one too many and is on the floor, out of shot. Gypsy wears vintage handmade crochet top, vintage Shivam skirt, and Joanne Mercer leather handbag

drinksblack skirt

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  • aaojrwlrcd on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Kerryn Pearsons on

    What a lovely setting for tennis Gypsy! That must be a wonderful little country tennis club. I hope you let the children win!😉

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