Gardening in Style ... just like Gypsy

Buying secondhand means you can be stylish in the garden!

When you're paying secondhand prices, you can spoil yourself by wearing good brand clothes when you do all your grubby jobs. This thought occurred to me when a recent customer specifically messaged us asking if we had any sun-sensible cotton tops that she could garden in.


I don't have a garden, but I have beautiful natural woodland around my house. Here's Gypsy doing some weeding for me in the Pink Gums, wearing a comfortable Black Pepper top. And if her feet weren't so big she would definitely be wearing our Merrell Performance Walking Shoes to combat our rocky ground.

Reebok jacketBut if I did have a garden, I would enjoy re-potting in G-Star, pruning roses in Ben Sherman, mulching in Abercrombie & Fitch and watering fruit trees in something linen, even if it's just ... Just Jeans! (I guess I could add some Laura Ashley underneath to up the prestige.) And of course I'll need good solid jeans. If I wear these Selvedge jeans then all holes caused by rose thorns will be camouflaged! And if I'm really not OK with wearing something current for my dirty work, I could try some vintage, like this fab Reebok jacket.


Hubby can get stuck into cleaning the gutters in this Blundstone navy work shirt, and this Ripcurl Trucker Cap (NWT and on sale!) will add a bit of sun protection, as it is super-sunny here.

While we labour away, the kids can run under the sprinkler in suitable, sunsafe summer attire or, if it's winter, rug up in a good surf brand fleece. Or perhaps a nature-themed top?

Now, whether pruning or playing, we can all feel very posh!

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