Louise and Tanya's Lockdown: A Bad Poem

lockdown shopping

Tanya_ginI shouldn't be excited 'cause I know the world's a mess
But a week of forced confinement is just AWESOME, I confess
I'm ticking lots of boxes - done my BAS, recycling, nails
Sorted out my wardrobe, played the bass and made some sales
I've cooked and cleaned and exercised and messaged all my friends
Rung my Dad and hugged the chooks and other odds and ends
Consumed a bit of gin, but hey, I haven't had to drive
Got three more days of having fun, I'm sure I will survive!
Tany_wardrobeBut poor Louise is drowning in the hail and wind and rain
Delivering census packages in dangerous terrain
She has to earn more dollars 'cause Da Loop don't pay the bills
So despite the current lockdown she's been sent out in The Hills

I hope she makes it back tonight to sort Da Loop's new stock
'Cause our buyers are all stuck at home and shopping 'round the clock
So please consider purchasing a preloved clo* or three
'Cause then Louise could quit the rain and just get paid by me! 

*Louise' daughter's word (when she was 2) for a single clothing item.




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