Meet Ms Metalicus!

Ms MetalicusRescued from a drab 'grey and brown things' rack in one of those op shops that groups clothing in colours (What is with that?? Nothing ever jumps out and goes 'wow' in those shops ... ) the fabulous Ms Metalicus made her way home to Chez Tanya, was washed and checked over, and uploaded to Da Loop.


Over the next few weeks she drummed up a bit of interest but, surprisingly, no purchase. I forgot all about her until one Friday morning when I woke up and realised, in a mad panic, that I was going to a wedding the following afternoon and hadn't sorted my frock! (Typical.) Between work, Da Loop and kids there was no time to shop that day, so Ms Metalicus was hurriedly thrown into the back seat of my car early the next morning, along with some long black boots, and waited patiently while I attended to my other weekend commitment (a bushwalk with the Strathalbyn Field Naturalists in Kyeema Conservation Park).

Tanya wears Ms Metalicus

Metalicus garments are quite suited to 'get changed in the carpark' situations - they can be screwed up and tossed around and don't need ironing. I reckoned I looked half-decent teamed up with Ms Metalicus, despite scrambling around half-in and half-out of the car to get her on. So off we went to Tristan and Claire's wedding at McLaren Vale!


Another wash, and Ms Metalicus was uploaded to Depop. (Love Depop!)







 I thought about keeping her, but then ... alas! My sister and her hubby found termites in their house and, with her wardrobe immediately deconstructed and all dresses packed away in boxes, she had nothing to wear to the Victor Harbor Business Association Awards Night ... so it's Ms Metalicus to the rescue again! Stretchy and comfy, many Metalicus garments accommodate a range of shapes and sizes and many are one-size-fits-all. You looked awesome, little sis!

With the Kangarilla Community and Family Fun Day approaching, I decided that Ms Metalicus' next trick should be to make someone's day as a bargain market stall item. I waved goodbye to her, and pondered the fact that one item of clothing can potentially endure many, many wears.

Kangarilla Market

How sad it would have been if Ms Metalicus' original owner had simply popped her in the bin when she was no longer required. Instead, she has enjoyed many more happy outings, and we hope she continues to do so for a long time yet.

Shop for your next re-re-recycled favourite here!

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