Our 6 Faves for Winter

Winter is not a favourite among the Da Loop team. Winter means freezing. And freezing is not fun.

However ... we do love winter fashion! There are some really gorgeous, classic looks to be had, and just as importantly, they keep you warm all day long. Here are some of our favourite in-stock pieces that can help you create just the look you're after.

skirt and boots

1. How about the classic winter-weight skirt teamed with tights and boots? Yep, a fave with many girls for a long time, and still just as popular today. You can get the look with our Almost Famous Winter Skirt currently in stock.

2. Think winter fashion ... and knits spring to mind! Delicious and cosy and you can layer up as much as you like underneath. You might have noticed vintage knits have made a big comeback. Check out the fab 80s hand-knit we've got available right now.


3. Here's one for the boys. Earthy checks. Yep, there's something about checks in earth colours, teamed with corduroy pants and a toasty jacket that spells winter warmth to me. We have a lovely Vintage Gloster Men's Shirt in stock that fits the bill perfectly.

4. Boots. You've gotta have them. What is winter without them? Long, short, ankle, heeled, flat ... you can never have too many. (My husband says yes you can. I don't understand what he is talking about.) We've had a run on boots here at Da Loop and we don't have many in stock right now, but we do have a pair of Women's RM Williams and you can't beat that!


5. The next on our list of winter faves is one for the kids. How cute is this Witchery Kids Quilted Vest? Picture it over a cosy knit and paired with beanie and gloves. A winter bundle of love!

6. Another look we love for the little ones is a pinafore dress over a snug jumper, teamed with tights and boots. Check out our Fred Bare Denim Dress - perfect for this look, especially with a bright knit made with love by Grandma.

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