Our Top 5 Tips for Moving House the Green Way

This member of the Da Loop team is smack bang in the middle of moving house. (Well, how does she have time to write a blog, I hear you ask. Answer: she doesn't!) As we all know, moving is a monumental task and can have an big impact on your eco-footprint if you're not careful.

But being the eco-warriors we are, Da Loop has come up with our top five tips for green moving.

  1. Creative Containers. While cardboard boxes are nice and earth-friendly and can even be composted, they are still a resource that you can somewhat reduce your need for. I'm using every single other type of container in the house I can find - suitcases, sports bags, backpacks, rubbish bins, etc. I even packed the contents of the medicine cupboard into my giant Tupperware cake container, and some of the shed contents into empty bulk dog food bags! This might have only saved me a couple of dozen boxes, but everything counts. Especially if you haven't collected enough boxes and need to buy some. (No problems here - I've been collecting them for years!)

  2. No Bubbles! Bubblewrap is yucky plastic stuff - don't buy it. While newspaper is an obvious choice for wrapping breakables, you might feel it won't be protective enough for certain precious items. That's when you raid the linen cupboard! I've wrapped all my breakables in sheets, towels and pillowcases - and as a bonus it means the linen's been packed without really packing it! I ran a little short of items so my favourite baking dish is wrapped in my favourite jumper.

  3. recycling boxes
    Set Up a Recycling Station. This move, I've put a system into place to make things much more orderly and therefore easier. And if there's one thing you need when moving (apart from gin) it's EASE. At the beginning of the whole process, I lined up several large boxes along one wall, labelled Op Shop, E-waste, Recycling and Rags. Having a central organising station in the house saved me time and mess, and encouraged me to do as much recycling as possible.

  4. dog Calvin Klein
    Clean with Calvin Klein. When I sorted through my wardrobe, I of course put any items I no longer wear into the Op Shop box. But for those items not good enough to donate, cut them into rags. After all, you're going to be doing a lot of cleaning! If you end up making more rags than you can deal with, bag them up and offer them to friends. Some of the items I ditched seemed too lovely to clean the toilet with, and it crossed my mind that I should save them and create a couple of patchwork quilts for the dogs' beds. And then I remembered how much I detest sewing and I abandoned the idea, so my lovely but very worn and un-donate-able Calvin Klein pyjamas will in fact be wiping the toilet seat after all.

  5. compost bin
    Compost. Seems a strange tip for house-moving. Well, you might be surprised what you find at the back of the kitchen cupboards. I confess I really need to improve on eliminating wastage in my pantry, but considering I'd rather be anywhere else on the planet (yep, even the most barren of deserts) than in the kitchen, what's going on in my cupboards isn't high on my list of priorities. Accordingly, I did shamefully discover quite a plethora of ingredients that were well out-of-date. (Some of these don't matter, of course. I am still using pepper from 1985.) But at least these items aren't completely wasted if you compost them. They'll end up doing good. I chucked so much flour, nutmeg, muesli and shredded coconut into my compost bin, there's muffins rising in there. And remember you can compost shredded paper too - handy when you've sorted through the filing cabinet for the first time in ten years.

So what has all this got to do with an online recycled clothing boutique? Green, that's what. Here at Da Loop, it's our mission to help reduce wastage in our world, by giving perfectly good, perfectly gorgeous clothes and accessories a second life. We don't need new every single time. Check out our most recent arrivals here to find your next eco-friendly treasure (we've pictured some of them below). Each of the tips above is small in its own way, but everything adds up. If every house-mover every day adopted as many green habits as possible, it would all contribute to a greener place for us all.

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    • Kerryn Pearsons on

      Some very handy hints! I think I have a matching 1985 salt to go with your pepper!

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