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This time last year I blogged about the running shoes I'd just bought from the op shop. (Vinnies, Murray Bridge, FYI.)  I said, 'They'll do the job for now.' I guess I thought I'd get around to buying new tennis shoes at some stage, but I never did. It takes a lot longer to decide on shoes when you're spending $150-$200 than it does when you're spending $20.

Anyway, I'll have you know those shoes battled their way through a full season and finished with a premiership performance! (And there is still life in them.) I also ducked down to the local oppie the day before the grand final and picked up a great preloved Bonds singlet adorned with green leaves and pink flowers. Perfect for the occasion, I thought. (My team-mates didn't agree - they were disgusted that I didn't wear my club shirt and made me borrow one for the team photo. I don't think they understood my point about inspiring clothing making for an inspiring performance.)

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So it goes to show that you don't need to spend bucketloads to ensure a good game. In fact, why do we buy new at all? Perhaps Da Loop's Adidas Climalite Skort will lift your game. Or this fab vintage Reebok jacket. And our favourite activewear bargain of the month is these Liquido Active Compression Shorts - great for yoga, or even swimming.

Preloved tennis outfit
*Photo of Tanya playing tennis by Jesse Ehlers, Victor Harbor Times

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  • Kerryn on

    What’s marvellous day, the preloved op shop shoes and top worked a treat on a very warm day – great success!

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