Rain or shine ... give me an op shop!

Holidays Op Shopping Victor Harbor

What do you do when you've come to the beachside town of Victor Harbor for the weekend and it's grey and drizzly?  Go op-shopping and garage sale-ing, of course!

My first stop on the Friday afternoon was the Terrific Trio - Vinnies, Salvos and Whalers Emporium. They are situated more-or-less three in a row, so you can go bonkers! The Vinnies and Salvos are quite upmarket and I have made some great additions to my wardrobe over the last few years thanks to them.

The ADRA op shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and is a gigantic warehouse of homewares, furniture, clothing and other delights. (And remember, the Da Loop preloved clothing shop is open 24 hours!)

Whalers Emporium Op Shop Salvos Op Shop ADRA Op Shop
garage sale
This weekend I found one garage sale and I am sure I would have found more if I had spent less time eating and drinking and more time looking. I'm in Victor often and I see many garage sale signs. Check out this gorgeous wool and acrylic vintage top I picked up from a great sale on the January long weekend.
girl modelling top

 Grey skyThe grey sky mustn't have been much of a deterrent - the town was bustling (I heard the Coast 2 Coast Tuna Tournament was on, and from experience fisherpeople aren't put off by foul weather ... ) and there was a line-up at Klaus' Hot Dog stand. But I still get the sense that something isn't quite right in Victor - Greenhills Adventure Park, we miss you! Rain or shine, you always gave us a good time. R.I.P.

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