Who said youth is wasted on the young?

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Young people op shoppingWe know the world's youth is more environmentally aware than ever before, and many are getting involved in the hot topics up for debate, like plastic pollution, ocean health and climate change. Da Loop wants to acknowledge all young people who are walking the talk and actively reducing their own carbon footprints.

Buying recycled, whether from garage sales, op shops, online retailers or buy/sell/swap sites is not just for the oldies. It is a more broadly recognised way of helping the environment by minimising resource use and reducing landfill, and is also a great way to save money, make money, create a unique wardrobe and even contribute to wellbeing.

Today I encountered this group of enthusiastic young shoppers (pictured above), op shopping while on holiday on Yorke Peninsula, SA. Here’s what they had to say about buying recycled:

‘Op shops and garage sales are always surprising and unpredictable.’ Joe, 19.Op shop finds

‘It’s good for the environment and you never know what you might find.’ Bella, 14.

‘My favourite purchases have been surf brands.’ Emily, 16.

‘I’m a poor student and my money goes on food, so I go to op shops to buy my quirky shirts instead of buying new.’ Lachie, 17.

‘I like to buy collectible items like old computer games, VHSs, old toys and old Playstation games.’ Jesse, 15.

Op shop treasures‘Dress like a princess on a pauper’s budget, by buying designer labels for cheap. No one needs to know your secret unless you want them to. And hey, it also helps the environment.’ Zara, 15.

‘There is always a good selection of books.’ Charlie, 17.

‘It is a fun thing to do with friends.’ Kade, 12.

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